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As far as homes and dorm rooms go, you do not want to forget your house or room keys. When you are out late at night, the last thing you want to happen is to come home very late and be locked out. You can always call a professional to help you, but that could cost you money and you might have to wait for a while. There are key boxes that you can buy where you put the key in and it has a code. You memorize the code and when you need to get into your home, the key is right there. You can keep a key in the lock box for emergencies, or you could use it on a daily basis to get into your home.

Remove clutter. You may love all 14 pictures of the grandkids lined up on the mantle, to a buyer it looks overwhelming and detracts from the “open feel” they are seeking. As gut wrenching as it is car locksmith this is a case where less is more. Leave enough pictures on the walls so the place doesn’t look bare and an occasional knick-knack on the coffee table or mantle is ok. Pack away the dried flower arrangements, sports trophies and everything else of a personal nature so as not to distract buyers from “seeing” your property. Take a good look at all the furniture in your place and remove anything that is non-essential to make your place appear larger.

Well sadly for Brian he wasn’t good enough and he was replaced in time by another man. My wife after about three years with that man married him some eight years ago. A month after she married him she told me emergency locksmith I couldn’t see my son again. I told her I would see her in court, but God told me to walk away, leave her and her new husband in peace and not to fight to see my son in court.I haven’t seen my sixteen year old son since he was eight.

If you have tough locks to open, Phoenix Locksmiths have the smartest brains to unlock any kind of locks. When you lose a key, the first thing you do is panic, which may lead to total confusion. When you call up Phoenix Locksmiths, the customer service executives are well trained to understand the circumstances. Using the skills and training, they will guide you to unlocking your favorite automobile.

After the lunch, I went back to Gerry or Jeremy. I gave him a fruit juice. Then he crept the living sanity in me again. When I was giving his drink, he asked me, “You are?” I told him my name again but he can’t remember. Good thing he is friendly. Then he told me the same experience he had in Vietnam which I just heard half and hour ago.

Another important reason to hire Tower Hill locksmith is to keep your wealth safe. Which is the best place to keep your wealth and confidential things in your house? Around 96% of the people report to keep their valuable assets in their safety lockers of the home. Thus keeping the locker upgraded to the latest trend in security should in your priority list. A locksmith can thus advise you on these latest trends and help you in building the perfect the locker vault.

We trust our technicians and always assure our clients the absolute security with our replacement car keys in phoenix az. Replacements of keys are done for both car doors and ignitions. This is a service that is effectively provided for both domestic and foreign car locks. You may find this to be a valuable service when your keys are broken, worn out or lost.

The system was designed in order to help prevent the rising number of vehicle thefts and to lower insurance costs. The VATS system is completely self-operational and does not require the owner of the vehicle to understand, activate, or service any part of it. Because of its mechanical and electrical differences from other vehicle antitheft devices, it does require that locksmiths who intend to service the ignition locks on these cars be thoroughly informed and trained as to how the system works and how it is serviced.

Interior Painting Planning: 3 Drywall Texturing Strategies.

If you enjoy your work you’ll never work a day in your life. I remember looking forward to Monday mornings sitting in Sunday school before church. I could hardly wait to get started on Monday morning on that new project I just got a down payment on.

Allow the adhesive to dry, according to the instructions on the tube. While it’s drying, cut out a piece of scrap drywall to fit the square. Fasten this to the piece of lumber, and the drywall stud, by using drywall screws and the power drill.

The Northern Virginia Deck manufacturers work professionally to complete your deck with the allotted deadline. They all are competent enough to inform you about the material and labor cost, beforehand. Besides, they also work efficiently to save your precious time and money. This will, thus help you do the building work yourself, or employ any contractor. The charges of such material quotations are $99 and this includes all the prerequisite knowledge that you may require about the decks. They can even construct a plan for your deck.

This is just a short list of the various types of permits your city may require. Remember, each municipality has different requirements for distance, heights, sizes, and so forth. For example, the building code in one town may mandate a permit for any deck more than 30 inches above grade while another may say 36 inches. The exact specifications could be very important and have safety factors involved while others are just arbitrary.

Unfortunately the dimension that you need to calculate head clearance is not provided in many elliptical trainer specifications. The dimension called “height”, which is often provided, is of no use in calculating head clearance. Height is the maximum height of the trainer from the floor to the tips of the arm handles. What we want is the height from the floor to the bottom of the lowest extent of the foot pedals.

Some people have the money but lack the time and would rather have someone else do the work anyway. 99% of the time though, people just don’t know the trade. drywall repair cost per square foot is a secret art. As for the ones that attempt to repair their own drywall themselves, the job always turns out lousy.

This is the time when it’s important to overcome your fatigue and take care you do something about this drip. At the least, it’s wasting water and water is becoming a precious resource in these days of climate change. Any chance to preserve water is going to help everybody to protect the planet. One small drip could not appear much, but if you times that by the countless numbers of houses that have leaking faucets, that is a significant amount of water. You are also wasting away your well-earned cash, particularly if it’s hot water. And there is a serious risk from the impact of mould and rot on your dwelling.

To choose a good air duct cleaning Provo Utah service you need to compare the top companies available in the city. You might become confused with the number of choices but a good comparison can solve the problem.

Factors To Note Worrying Wet Problems

One of the main disadvantages with timber is that defects may be present or may develop later. Some of these can be treated satisfactorily but others may require the component to be replaced. Some defects can be avoided completely by careful felling, conversion and seasoning, but a knowledge of the defects will enable you to make the best possible use of the timber that may be somewhat inferior.

9) GLAZING PROBLEMS: Check that any double glazing has not got moisture between the sheets of glass. The faulty seals causing this will need to be replaced.

Being frugal, I opted to purchase my flooring at a local hardware clearinghouse and paid approximately $1 per square foot for the flooring for my rental property. It actually is prettier than what I installed in the house I live in. I paid approximately $2.49 per square foot for the flooring in my house 5 years ago but prices vary according to brand, color and where you live. Laminate floors are wildly popular now and are a really cost effective alternative to carpeting and are much healthier for people who suffer from allergies. There are many colors and textures available that range from a wood flooring look to slate to ceramic tile styles.

Mold fungus requires dampness or moisture to grow. Mold usually occurs only in those areas that are constantly damp or moist, or where there is poor ventilation. The key to preventing mold is to keep the inside of your home dry.

If it’s likely that you need to re-roof your house, or you are building a new house, the first thing to consider is your location. What materials are available to you in your area, what are the best for your location, and which will suit the structure of your roof?

rising damp usually occurs in dwellings that do not have a damp proof course or where the damp proof course has failed. The usual evidence of rising damp is a whitish fluffy powder or distinguishing marks on the lower section of the walls. The plaster may become softer and mould may start to grow. A musty smell may be evident.

It’s not an issue if some of the liquid sealant spills over onto the tiles. While ceramic tiles should ideally be kept protected from sealants, you should know that a little spatter won’t be disastrous for the tiles. You can simply wash the excess sealant away with no blemishes or long-lasting damages to your tiles.

There are numerous benefits from using a home repair guide. If you’re not savvy with tools and technical hands on approach, this will take the worry away. There are no tools needed, so there is no worry about having to rush out to buy a certain type of tool needed for your iPod repair. It doesn’t take any kind of extra knowledge to fix it and it will save the individual on repair costs. The guide is easy to understand and straightforward, so the novice can follow the step-by-step instructions without becoming frustrated or discouraged.

If the older appliance has an external condenser do not push it against the wall. Allow a few inches for air circulation. The condenser will work more efficiently thus reducing energy usage. At least three inches is recommended for optimal performance.

rising damp

Typical Commode Issues: The Best Ways To Repair Them Cheaply And Easily

At least once a year, in the spring, be sure to take a close look at your roof, checking it for signs of damage. Damaged shingles will appear blistered or curled, and it is important that you replace them. If you take care of damages, it will help you when you have to fix major things later on.

After the 20 minutes or so have passed, mark the water level. It the level of water has gone below the first mark you have made, then the flush valve is definitely leaking. You need to replace or have it repaired.

In retrospect I probably should have spent more money on the faucet sprayer combination for the sink because the mid-to-lower-range unit I purchased wore out quickly. If you live alone you may be able to purchase a less expensive appliance that still looks great, but will last a long time under light use. If you have a large family an industrial strength dishwasher might be a good investment simply because you will be using the appliance one or more times a day, each and every day of the year.

Over-tightening your pipelines can be just as bad or even worse than if you under-tighten it. You can hurt its threads or fracture it, so tighten it to where the leak stops, and then stop.

When trying to identify an issue with the toilet, look into the flapper for roots of the trouble. Flappers can rot in time and most toilet problems stem from this. Begin by checking that your chain pressure is right, and if it is, you probably have to change the flapper, because it could be worn.

Remove the bolts that hold down the tank to the toilet bowl. Carefully pull up your tank, and place your tank on the towel you previously put on the floor. Remove the old rubber gaskets of the toilet tank before installing the new gaskets. Clean your surface of the tank and toilet before putting in the new gaskets. This is where the new gaskets will form a seal. Apply gasket sealant to the side and around the new gasket that you are going to install into your toilet. Wipe off excess sealant, then install.

When the words flow you write and when the tap of the muse is shut tight you sit and think whatever thoughts your finicky mind decides to send you. It is the foolish author indeed who passes up these times of high creativity to fix a leaking toilet tank bolts – my wife particularly seems unaware of this. It really throws a monkey wrench into things, literally, when working on a torrid love scene the wife comes in. Instead of the coffee I expected she reminds me for the third time in as many months that the tap needs fixing “NOW”.

leaking toilet

Water is the most important requirement for living. Without water no one can survive in this world. For that reason it is also known as the life. So you can make your house well decorate and multi-storied but without water solution it is incomplete for living. At the time of construction; one should take special care on plumbing. In fact not only at the time of construction but also you can suddenly face the problem on the plumbing section. In spite of these you may have problem on the draining system which is very problematic. So if you have a problem on the plumbing or problem with the blocked drain then here you will have the best solution for you.

Aquaponics combines two types of farming – hydroponics and aquaculture. Combining the two is actually a rather genius idea. Fish produce waste which is the nutrients that plants need to survive and flourish. Plants then absorb these nutrients out of the water (effectively filtering it) and clean water is returned back to the tank where the fish are.

A Shower Enclosure Can Add Even More Compared To Ambience

A clogged drain may also bring risks to your health as rots and dirt are some of the leading causes of a number of health problems such as skin infections and respiratory diseases. Keeping the fixtures and other things in your bathroom clean is necessary to make your home safe and comfortable. Though it is a little difficult to unclog it, as a homeowner you have no other options but to remove all objects stuck in the drain. In most instances, cleaning a clogged bathtub is much harder than fixing a clogged toilet especially if the objects are wedged inches down the drain. If you have no idea on home repair and you find it inconvenient then you have to hire a professional plumber. However if you want to fix it yourself, you can follow some steps on how to unclog it.

Scheduling your appointment is the next step. Behind every famous Senator has a wonderful assistant who holds the key to face time with that elected official. The same goes for doctors. Schedulers are the gatekeepers of the doctor’s office. Find out who your doctor’s scheduler is and shower that individual with love and kindness. If you do, they can make miracles happen. If you are rude to the, they can make your life miserable. Once you’re on their good side they can squeeze you in at the last minute, give you a call if someone cancels and help you secure that perfect time first thing in the morning. You may have a longer wait time if you try to get an appointment the same day but the scheduler is the only one that can get you on the books. They’re like wizards.

Use tape to get straight lines. I recommend painter’s tape because it stays put yet removes cleanly. Lay down parallel rows of tapes on each side of the area you’re caulking.

You may choose to install a counter top or an under the counter filter in your kitchen. This will provide you with pure water to use for drinking, boiling and cooking. Next you may install a fiberglass shower stall filter to decrease the chlorine content while you are showering. If you want to purify your entire supply, then you can install one of the home water filter systems.

Another method on how to lose cellulite fast at home is by massaging the affected areas. It is worth noting that massages help in improving blood circulation in one’s skin and tissues. It also helps in smoothing out the skin. Consequently, if the massages are employed on the parts of the body that have cellulite, they will become smooth, healthy and cellulite-free. For best results, what one may do is to massage his thighs, ass and legs using some essential oils like rosemary cedar and the like.

More often than not, you will stick with the same layout that has already been presented to you. This makes things much easier since all of the plumbing is already in place. You may find out though that you can totally restructure the layout and make the bathroom much more convenient to you. In this case your work load will increase dramatically as you will find yourself moving water lines and waste lines in different directions to suit your needs.

Electric showers heat the water as it passes through the shower so they only need a cold water supply so you have simpler plumbing and don’t need any hot water to run them. Electric showers are particularly popular in en-suites.

Bathroom Style Suggestions That Make Sense

You will need to apply at least two coats of the paint as well, to get the best result. You also need to let it dry in between the two coats but this time don’t bother with the sandpapering.

The right color of bathroom tiles designs photos help in creating the right atmosphere in the bathroom. As we all colors have the ability to greatly affect our mood. One needs to be extremely cautious in selecting the color for bathroom tile problemss. Warm colors like peach and yellow give a cozier feel to your bathroom. These colors are great fun and and go well with a modern bathroom decor. Neutral colors like beiges or whites are classic choice. They make the room look larger and also reflect light. Cool colors like blue, green and violet give a serene feeling and can be used in bathroom tile problemss. If you are adventurous in your bathroom design, you can add bright colors like red and black. These colors add a dash of drama.

When decorating with hand painted tiles there are many options. You can have them painted with simple designs or lettering or you can go with a more sophisticated theme such as murals. You may choose to have a mural of the church or garden where you married on the wall and go with matching flower tiles on the floor. There are all kinds of possibilities. An interesting concept is that you can provide the tile artisan with a picture and he or she is then able to recreate it on your tiles.

No doubt, beauty is the necessary factor which cant be overlooked for other factors. Keeping all these things in mind porcelain, slate, and granite are the suggested bathroom tiles to floor. These tiles are extremely long lasting and very strong. It can tolerate heavy foot traffic with no complains. In addition, there are lots of designs available in these bathroom tiles. Slate and Granite tiles offer elite range of natural patterns whereas porcelain provides amazing designs including classic as well as modern. Natural designs flooring are more ideal as they put in serene and natural look to bathroom interiors.

The great increase in demand for D.I.Y materials that has resulted from the emergence of a more practical and ‘hands on’ culture has led to a tremendous increase in the number of D.I.Y stockists from small, privately owned firms to national and even international chains. Such a near-surplus in the supply of painting, tiling and other decorating materials (in comparison to earlier decades) has meant that it has never been cheaper for one to undertake a D.I.Y. project and the fact that there are so many useful resources available (in the forms of books, television programmes, websites etc) means that it has never been easier to find guidance for any possible D.I.Y. undertaking.

When choosing the tile you will be using, there are also important things to consider, aside from the color and design. For floor tile bathroom plans, the chemical resistance of the tile should be checked. Some tiles have high tolerance for highly acidic cleaners like muriatic acid, or even highly alkaline cleaners like ammonia. Floor tiles are also sorted by the amount of traffic that is expected to be in that room. The higher traffic there is, the tougher and more costly your tiles will be. Also, when you buy tiles, be sure you purchase an extra 10% of the original number needed, so you are prepared for any cracks or damages that your tiles may incur during installation.

bathroom tiles

Foundation Maintenance And Repair: Vital Fix

Settling of the soil under the foundation is usually the cause of settlement cracks in the foundation walls. Cracks caused by settling resemble cracks caused by heaving, except the crack is wider at the lower end of the crack.

foundation repair methods is expensive- Usually while you believe of foundation repair you quite possibly image yourself emptying your retirement account to spend for it. Nevertheless, uncovering a crack in your foundation wall does not always mean you’re about to go broke. The price depends upon the bring about of the crack. Positive, from time to time foundation walls call for rebuilding as well as other complicated solutions. Alternatively, from time to time foundation-repair consists of a very simple, inexpensive polyurethane injection to prevent water intrusion.

These questions all will be answered in the initial inspection of your home. Your foundation engineer will talk you through your individual needs and suggest methods of repair. Generally you will need a combination of foundation repair and waterproofing. When used together you can be assured that your home will be restored to its original structural integrity while removing water issues that can cause future foundation problems.

The exterior of the home also needs attention. Crack repair is often the first start when there are these problems. It may be necessary to use a multi-layer heat seat as a solution from the exterior.

Ed – I’m going to suggest a few possibilities. There may be a problem with the main sewer drain that usually runs directly beneath the footing and flows toward the street. The line may be leaking and softening the soil beneath the region in question. You may have a water main leak that could be as small as a pinhole and create the problem. You may just have groundwater softening due to negative grade. Look around the yard for signs of sinking spots. Look for settling sidewalks or porch, or any other indications of softening soil. You should contact foundation experts in your area and give them all of the information. They should be able to help you with some options and permant repair ideas.

Place the water feature away from house foundations, underground power/water/sewer lines. If any repairs or maintenance becomes necessary, the water feature will be safe.

. Prepare a mixture of sand and cement with a ratio of one part cement to two parts of sand. Make sure that the sand would blend well with the cement. Once you have the mixture ready, it’s time that you apply it on the concrete foundation that has cracks. Continuously apply it along the length of the visible cracks on the foundation.

Foundation and Roofing IssuesThere is always a debate about whether or not foundation problems can be fixed easily. The answer is: some can and some can’t. Minor foundation issues such as a small amount of settling can cause small cracks in the drywall, which can be fixed for a smaller amount of money and are generally an easy fix. Major settling issues that result in cracks in the basement walls and cement floors or water seepage are sometimes an ugly hidden problem that will require much more effort and cash. Be sure to have the time, money and labor priced out before you agree to purchase. Likewise with any major roof and wall restructuring; chances are, the cost and effort put in will never be returned if you sell the house and may leave you in a rental usint for the duration of the work.

It is also important to investigate about the neighbourhood especially when there is a mass migration from that area. When a lot of property owners are skipping town, there’s got to be some serious reasons. Agreed, a home might look very beautiful but do not let the curb appeal keep you from taking a glance down the street and taking note of nearby businesses that have been vandalized or robbed. Are there several other homes in the neighbourhood for sale? If everyone in the neighbourhood is leaving, why should you stay? Your real estate investing strategy should not include buying property in a no-go area.

Summer Season Home Upkeep Checklist

In the event you have electric underfloor heating, in some cases it could be a simple case of just a blown fuse. If that is the case a simple fix of replacing the fuse will solve the issue. Unfortunately, in the largest majority of cases though, it is damages caused by mice and rats chewing through electric wires. This of course, results in a short in the wiring system. In this case you need to replace the sections of affected wire. Following that it is necessary to rid the area of the rodents by poisoning the rodents.

Bring in the computer and check to know if the cords are long enough to reach the power outlets. Properly fasten the cords for safety. Try to secure and bind the wires making sure no strips are exposed that could cause faulty electrical wiring.

A non refrigerated drinking water fountain is less expensive than the refrigerated type. It has the simplest design among the drinking fountains, with features such as a simple water spout, simple basin and simple releasing button. There are units that require a continual button pressure, while others are able to release within just a few seconds of employing pressure on the button.

Knowing how to make these panels or home windmills is not so difficult. With the right knowledge you would be able to make, install and get full benefit from solar power. Even getting the right materials is easy to get.

You are a new company, individuals don’t know you. And till you devote millions air max on drilling your manufacturer into the American psyche, they aren’t heading to know your brand name from a hole within the floor. Use what you do, or what your buyers get in touch with your product as your title. This method worked good previously and nonetheless works great today. Evidence: Global Enterprise Devices, Sophisticated Micro Units, American Telephone and Telegraph, Common Motors, General electrical, National Cash Sign-up, American Airways and Budget Rent-a-Car. Not an obscure latin identify by having an intriguing which means only to you personally.

Firstly, a consumer should make sure that weight of the ladder is supporting does not exceed its maximum load rating including the user materials. There should be only one person on the ladder at one time.

Before you think of learning how to install a ceiling fan you should first be 100% sure that you have the electrical aptitude for it. Some say that it is a simple do it yourself task but even so, things could go wrong. You should at least have some basic knowledge of electrical connections and wiring. You should also be knowledgeable about building codes which should determine fan height and other electrical wiring colors uk details. If you are not sure that you know the basics of installing a ceiling fan, then you should call an expert to do the job.

If you are sure that you can follow the basic steps to how to install a ceiling fan then you should proceed to choosing your fan. There are many ceiling fan designs now including those with lights. You have to check your circuit capacity though if you want to install a fan with lights since your circuit could overload. Be sure too to have a look at the diameter of the fan so that it is just right for the room.

Wichita Locksmith Solutions – An Analysis

2 arbitrary occasions took place that led to an intriguing discovery. The neighborhood phone directory site firm distributed the latest version of their big, thick books that I seldom ever utilize and even think of. At around the very same time, I had to re-key a secure our offices and also visited our neighborhood locksmith.

You might question exactly what these 2 random events had in common. Well, while I was waiting for the new tricks, the locksmith began to complain regarding the new phonebook.

Our local locksmith is the just one in the neighborhood, or for that matter within a mile or two of our workplaces. He was informing me that the brand-new phone publication noted in between 30 and also 40 locksmiths in the area.

He took out the new business directory as well as had marked each one of the listings in the neighborhood. There were loads. They all had similar contact number however all had different names. Some were names of businesses while others were personal names.

He went on to discuss that he had actually heard that folks were specifying themselves as locksmith professionals yet were not licensed (as they need to be where I live), and he had actually heard of people calling a few of these services simply to find out that they were a fraud.

If you called a few of the lists, a person would turn up and also need payment for the solution, which they would assure to perform in the future, yet then they would never ever show up once more. Or they could collect information from the service phone call and sell it to others which could desire it for factors unconnected to the solution call.

And also worst, he believed that some of these "locksmiths" could be in company totally for objective of casing out targets for a future break-in.

I was glad he had actually offered me this info, as we often inform new homeowners to change the locks on their brand-new residences. When you move right into a new residence, you have no idea who could have had tricks to the house, whether each one of the tricks were made up as well as whether someone kept an essential to utilize at some later date.

For the defense of any sort of new residence you get, you're finest off getting the locks transformed in the property. Yet you also have to research as well as make certain you are using a trusted locksmith professional that has actually been around for quite some time.


If your state licenses locksmith professionals, go online and find out if your neighborhood locksmith professional has a current and legitimate certificate in your state. If you are utilizing only the Web to search for a locksmith, make sure that locksmith professional is in fact located at the address specified.

As well as if you are absolutely concerned about offering your key over to somebody, and you are handy or understand someone that is handy, you could take the locks off the doors of your home as well as take them to a credible locksmith as well as have them essential the locks while you wait. If you pay cash money and don't provide them your address, the locksmith will not recognize where the locks came from.

Which leads me back to my neighborhood locksmith. After about 10 mins, his coworker came out with my recently keyed lock (expense: $15). Then I had my hubby mount the lock back on the door, as well as we were ready with a new collection of keyed locks.

At around the exact same time, I required to re-key a lock in our workplaces as well as quit by our area locksmith professional.

Right here's just what my locksmith professional advised: If you are brand-new to the area, make sure you understand which you're dealing with. If your state licenses locksmiths, go online and also discover out if your regional locksmith has a legitimate and also current permit in your state. If you are utilizing only the Web to search for a locksmith professional, make certain that affordable locksmith wichita ks is really located at the address specified. Which leads me back to my regional locksmith professional.

Most Effectively Roofer To Approach

Upcoming urban development projects in the area where the property is located can also boost its profitability and marketability. People would naturally relocate to places that can offer them great living arrangements, thus, it would be wise to invest in houses located in such areas.

Assess the situation to make sure that it is something your company can handle before agreeing to rid the carpet of mold. First make sure the source of the water problem, such as broken pipes or a leaking roof vent cap, is fixed. Then make sure the problem has not escalated to a point where the carpet should just be replaced.

Even if you have the right tools and know-how to tackle roof repair on your own, hiring a professional ensures that it is hassle free. When you are dealing with damage to this component of your home, you have to act quickly in order to avoid damage inside your home from water that leaks through. Yet, you are busy. Your time is valuable, and your calendar is full. You may not be able to drop everything in order to fix your home right now. Hiring a professional ensures it gets done without hassle and in a timely manner.

They provide details roof information. The company has skilled, fully licensed and insured specialist who are conversant with the roofing world and who will support you a great deal in the large or small roofing project you plan to open.

Set Aside Funding. Knowing not just months, but a year or more in advance that you have an upcoming repair or replacement leaves plenty of time to find funding and let savings grow. Instead of hoping and keeping fingers crossed that your nest egg is big enough when a home repair is needed, plan ahead! The more information, time and consideration you give to a project the better the outcome will ultimately be when it comes to an HVAC system replacement, window replacement, or any other renovation or repair around the house.

Look around. What’s the neighborhood like? If it’s the worst house on a very nice block, that’s probably a positive for you – an investment in future appreciation if you can grab the house for much less than neighboring comps not in foreclosure. If it’s the best house on a block of dilapidated rentals with cars on blocks, brown lawns and bars on windows, you might want to look elsewhere for a better future appreciation value.